Facial Rejuvenation for the Eyes

Droopy eyelids can make you look older and impair vision. During this procedure, incisions are made in the natural folds of the upper eyelid where they are nearly invisible. Preservation of fat and muscle avoids an excessively hollow or operated-on look. Blepharoplasty is often combined with a brow lift to correct the appearance of sagging eyebrows.

Lower Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelid)

The appearance of bags in the lower eyelids can be due to bulging fat or loss of fat in the surrounding cheek. Dark circles are often caused by allergies or dark pigment. A thorough evaluation is needed to determine which of these factors is causing the problem.

Transconjunctival Fat Removal

Eyelid puffiness caused primarily by excess fat may be corrected by a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. The incision in this case is made inside the lower eyelid and excess fat material is removed. When sutures are used to close this kind of incision, they are invisible to the eye, self-dissolving and leave no visible scar.

Transconjunctival Fat Repositioning

Fat repositioning is a procedure where orbital fat is used to fill in a depression where the lower eyelid and the cheek meet. During the transconjunctival option, the fat is removed from the back side of the lower eyelid. Most of the changes that occur in the lower eyelid are due to changes in the upper cheek, namely dropping of the cheek and malar fat pad. A lower eyelid procedure is often performed at the same time as a midface lift. This provides a more natural, refreshed look than eyelid surgery alone.

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3 month follow up - Female High SMAS Facelift with fat transfer and CO2 laser resurfacing to the under eyes. She is looking like she is 25 again 🔥

Dr. Wayne prefers the High SMAS technique as it gives the best cheek & mid-face correction.
The fat transfer also plays a key role in giving back all the volume that was lost due to aging for a more rejuvenated, youthful face! What do you think about these results? 😍
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