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There are three key reasons you would choose a facial plastic surgeon – superior training, background and focus. Facial plastic surgery is a unique field, separate from (general) plastic surgery. If you are thinking about plastic surgery on your face, you would want the best trained, qualified and focused specialist available. Your face is your most important feature, out there for the whole world to see. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Wayne only performs procedures of the head, face, and neck. His passion and focus is the face. He is board-certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery). For more information on the training of a facial plastic surgeon please visit:

To be board certified means that a physician has passed a board exam. There are many different boards which claim to certify physicians to perform plastic surgery. American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) surgeons are certified by boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). A facial plastic surgeon is usually board certified in otolaryngology – surgery of the head and neck. To become board certified, a physician must pass a series of rigorous oral and written tests about medical procedures and practices. Many AAFPRS surgeons, including Dr. Wayne, specialize further by undertaking an additional year’s fellowship in facial plastic surgery to become certified by the ABFPRS.

Asking your family doctor or calling a hospital referral line doesn’t always get you the best surgeon. Perhaps the best place to start is asking someone who has had the type of surgery you are considering. Nurses that work in the operating room are also a great source of information. Ultimately you will have to make the rounds and meet the various doctors in your area. Does the doctor take time to listen to you? Does the surgeon address your concerns? Can you see before and after photos of other patients who have had your surgery? These are all good signs, but also ask how many of these surgeries your doctor has performed. For instance, a busy specialist might do 50-60 rhinoplasties a year or even more. Some may only do 5-10 per year or less. It is safe to assume that surgeons who are continuously practicing and improving their skills are going to be better qualified to perform your surgery.

Dr. Wayne has found the use of computer imaging to be very beneficial during consultations for rhinoplasties and chin surgery. Using this device, he can take a patient’s before photo and use computer software to modify the image and show what you should expect post-surgery. While imaging is just another tool, usually the actual results are close to what is predicted from imaging.

This is a broad topic, but basically it refers to any technique that reverses or improves the appearance of the face that has changed from aging. This can be the simple application of Botox for squint or frown lines to more advanced surgical procedures such as neck lifts and eyelid surgery.

The risks of facial plastic surgery reported in medical literature are quite uncommon. If the surgery is done correctly, the risks are minimal. Dr. Wayne works exclusively with certified anesthesiologists providing anesthesia care to our patients. Dr. Wayne will discuss any risks and possible complications associated with procedures you are considering.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is structural cosmetic surgery including changing the shape of the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones and neckline, as well as rejuvenative facial plastic surgery which includes procedures that reverse the signs of aging.

Reconstructive surgery is the correction of congenital, traumatic and post surgical deformities, as well as skin cancer reconstruction.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is why you want surgery. People who are trying to match a feeling of youthful energy on the inside with how they look on the outside are the best candidates. Wanting to have surgery to help you feel better about yourself is healthy and usually results in a satisfied patient.  Another factor to consider is the amount of much time away from work and public responsibilities you can afford since most cosmetic surgery has some downtime.

Aerobic activities should be avoided for three weeks following surgery. Any activity which potentially increases your blood pressure will increase the amount of time it takes for postoperative swelling to resolve. Contact sports or “impact” sports should be avoided for six weeks following surgery.

Dr. Wayne has a variety of non-surgical therapies ranging from Botox and injectable fillers, to light therapies for the skin, and lasers for wrinkles and scars.

Yes, but better, more rested and awake; as if you have come back from a long, relaxing vacation. Dr. Wayne’s goal with everything he does is to bring out the best in his patients and emphasize their attractive features without drastically changing how they look. He always strives for plastic surgery which is undetectable or impossible to spot.

We use only accredited facilities. Currently, Dr. Wayne performs surgery at NW Surgical Hospital.

It is impossible to list all the fees for surgery as there are so many different combinations of procedures that are possible. Dr. Wayne prefers to schedule a formal consultation during which he can examine you and discuss your concerns while presenting you with a treatment plan. At that point you will be informed of the fees for the surgery.

How soon you can return to work after surgery depends on the type of surgery. After nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), most patients are back at work in one week. Non-surgical office-based procedures have minimal down times and most patients are back at work the next day or after a weekend recovery. Facial rejuvenation surgery often has a longer recovery time and patients prefer to take two to three weeks off.

Most surgeries are healed at six weeks. However, it can take a much longer period of healing to see the final result. There can be subtle and slight amounts of swelling which may take a year or more to resolve. Each patient will have an individual response to surgery. Some people may heal remarkably fast while others may take longer.

We can control some of the changes that occur with aging. Most of the wrinkling and thinning of the skin can be prevented by avoiding the sun. This doesn’t mean you can’t go out in the sun but it does mean you need to protect your skin with good sun-blocks and wearing a hat to shield your face from the sun. This can be one of the most effective ways to prevent skin aging. In addition, topical antioxidants can be a benefit by protecting your skin from free-radical damage. Our trained aesthetician can develop a custom skin care plan just for you.

Most lines and wrinkles are caused by sun damage and the squinting and creasing caused by the various facial muscles. Each time you squint or scowl you create creases around your eyes or on your forehead. As we age, the creases don’t always relax and permanent lines can result. Botox can be very effective at preventing these lines. By relaxing the facial muscles, there is less tendency to form the creases. Botox lasts 4-5 months typically and reapplication is needed to maintain the softening effect. If started early enough, deep creases may never have a chance to form on the forehead or around the eyes.

Finally there is a real alternative to surgery. The DeepFX CO2 laser offers a single treatment that instantly tightens the skin around the eyes with a short downtime of 4-5 days and no surgery is needed.


"Dr. Wayne is phenomenal. He’s a true artist and surgeon all in one."

- A. Stephenson, WFA Patient

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