Discover Your Glow: Elevate your beauty routine with our heated spray tanning services and step into a world of radiant confidence.

Tan Rx is the exclusive location in Oklahoma City offering professional heated spray tan—conveniently located at W Facial Aesthetics. Our cutting-edge heated technology ensures a seamless, comfortable application, setting us apart as pioneers in the industry. Say goodbye to freezing through tanning sessions, ours is the first of its kind, guaranteeing a cozy experience.


How Our Spray Tan Solutions Are Different

We are not a traditional tanning salon. We are a medical office offering services that are designed to provide medical consultations for your skin and body. With Tan Rx, you can confidently embrace a radiant glow, knowing you’re receiving top-quality care in a professional, medical setting.

All of our specially formulated solutions are enriched with nourishing ingredients like tea tree oil, jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and aloe vera. Because our solutions are also vegan and paraben-free, clients will receive a tan that is deeply moisturizing, natural-looking, and will last longer and fade evenly.

A Tailored Spray Tan Experience: What to Expect

In your personalized 25-minute tanning session, expect a detailed consultation with our skilled spray tan specialists. We recognize that one solution does not suit all, so we customize each tan to match your unique skin type, undertones, and desired shade. Each spray tan session is specifically formulated for you.

The 4-Step Process

  1. pH Balancing Primer Spray: Our primer spray not only balances the skin’s pH level but also provides hydration for an even tan application. Consider it the essential first step to prepare your skin for the perfect tan.
  2. Customized Tanning Formula: Each tanning solution is meticulously crafted to match your preferred color intensity and skin undertone, ensuring a personalized and natural-looking tan.
  3. Nourishing Post-Tan Moisturizer: Enriched with aloe vera and additional DHA, our moisturizing spray locks in your tan, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated, ensuring longer lasting results.
  4. All-Natural Drying Powder: Our all-natural finishing powder not only sets your tan but also eliminates stickiness and unwanted odors. It’s hypoallergenic and designed to prevent the solution from staining your clothes or surroundings.

Our innovative heated handheld spray gun evenly applies all three solutions. Utilizing a gentle flow of warm air and direct infusion into the solution, the heated application ensures your comfort throughout the process. This feature not only keeps you warm but also accelerates drying, allowing you to dress more quickly.

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Luxe Spray Tan by Caroline $57


Contour Spray Tan by Caroline $77


Luxe Spray Tan by Jeannie $57


Contour Spray Tan by Jeannie $77

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