The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face – even a slight alteration can improve a patient’s appearance. In addition to having rhinoplasty performed for cosmetic reasons, it can also be done with a functional goal in mind – to improve breathing.

Understanding how the appearance of the nose relates to the surrounding face is very important. Subtle changes in the look of the nose can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the eyes and lips, often drawing more attention to them rather than away from them. When your surgery has healed, ideally your nose will look like you were born with it…this is Dr. Wayne’s goal.

It is also important to understand how changes made to the outside of the nose impact the nasal passages. Almost every modification to the cartilage and bone during rhinoplasty serves to narrow the inside of the nose. This can restrict breathing. Techniques need to be performed during the surgery to counter this tendency and make the nose breath better than before surgery.

Modifications of the bone, cartilage, fat and muscle must be made very carefully. Rather than simply removing valuable structural cartilage and bone, it is often reinforced at the same time. This creates a nose that not only looks better and breathes better but will maintain a natural look for many years.

Extensive training and experience in rhinoplasty surgery is a must for your surgeon. A background in ear, nose and throat surgery gives Dr. Wayne unique qualifications to perform this very challenging surgery.
Dr. Wayne will take pictures of you in the office and present them to you using a computer program that allows him to show you how your nose will look after surgery. This gives you the unique opportunity to influence the planning process.

Revision Rhinoplasty

The best chance of getting a perfect result in rhinoplasty is with the first surgery. Many factors contribute to the need for revision surgery on the nose. Breathing problems, pinching, twisting, lumps and bumps all may appear in the healing process. Most of these are due to surgical errors; however, some are unavoidable. Healing after surgery is very unpredictable, as the nose must adapt to the new structure formed under the skin.

Revision rhinoplasty is performed to correct unsatisfactory results from an initial nasal surgery. Sometimes the surgery is simple – requiring minor adjustments or finishing an incomplete surgery. At other times, this surgery may require more complex grafting and rebuilding of a weakened nose. Each succeeding rhinoplasty becomes more difficult, which is why an experienced, specialized facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Wayne, is the best choice for this procedure.

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Capping off this busy week by sharing an older, amazing Rhinoplasty transformation:
Look at how much her eyes pop now! They are definitely the new highlight.

Using the Origami technique, Dr. Wayne corrected the patient’s large dorsal hump, hanging tip and deviated septum for a new, natural looking nose!
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